Fringed Tree Skirt Tutorial

tree skirt

Start with a fleece blanket (one that has a fringe already will cut down on time).

I found this blanket at my local thrift store for $4. Fabric stores will have fleece by the yard and superstores should have blankets on sale this time of year. 


Fold it in quarters. Use a ruler or tape measure to make marks that are 24″ from the folded corner to create the arc. Cut the along the arc line.arconblanket

Now cut the folded corner arc about 2-3″ to create the hole for the tree base.


Unfold then make one cut down the middle to open up your skirt.



Stitch the fringe that you cut from the blanket to the edge of your tree skirt.

FOR THE “NO SEW” version- You can skip making a seam and glue the fringe directly to your skirt.  You will want to have made clean cuts so you will have a nice edge.


If you run out of the pre-made fringe you will have to make your own to match the existing fringe.

step 3

Add the “bling” with a hot glue gun or fabric glue.

I got this multi pack for $3 at a fabric/craft store.


Now place your skirt under your tree.

This should not cost you more than $10 to make. And that’s what I call “Blinging on a Budget!”