DIY Mirror Frame to Headboard

I love garage sales…. but I must admit I hate getting up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday to go and snag the best item before the other early birds. I decided that I would go to a popular neighborhoods bi-annual sale. You could spend a whole day shopping, treasure hunting at this sale. They give out maps ahead of time so you can plan where you want to go depending on what street has the items you are looking for. I decided just to go without doing any research this time. I wanted to just have fun and look. Sometimes the best items are ones that many people overlook because it’s damaged or doesn’t look like a treasured find.

So at the end of my hunting around noon, I saw this frame laying on the grass in a homeowners yard. I asked, “How much?” She said, “Name your price.”  She was pretty much giving it away.  The owner said  it was a beautiful mirror that she had in her entry that fell and shattered. All that was left was the frame. She didn’t give me a chance to respond and said, “Two dollars!” So of course I bought it.



Anyway I saw it and thought..hmmm..I could probably do something with it, I just didn’t know what that “something” was at the time.   It sat in my garage for a year.

So a year later I finally found a use for it. I had wanted to make a DIY headboard for the longest time but I wasn’t inspired to tackle the project yet. Then I saw this headboard from Horchow and decided to use my frame to make something similar.


1. I glued the frame back together and wood spackled all of the missing carved details into the corners.

2. I painted and antiqued the frame in a silver finish. The existing finish would have been perfect but since I had to spackle some missing details, it needed a new coat of paint.

3. I purchased particle board and had it cut to size of the inside of the frame.

4. I measured and marked the location of holes for buttons and drilled the holes.

5. I spray adhered batting to the board to keep it in place. I then used a screw driver to punch holes thru the batting (this makes the tufting so much easier).

6. I then stapled my finished fabric to the particle board.

7. Then I tufted my headboard by using fishing wire to pull  the buttons as tight as I could to create the desired look. I stapled my fishing wire in a zig-zag pattern on the other side to keep in in place.


Image below shows the batting facing the backside of the frame but I was just checking to make sure that I cut enough batting before I sprayed it to the particle board.


Finished product

This is an image of my old bedroom. My new bedroom is getting a new look but I kept my headboard in the design. See my post with the inspiration board for the new bedroom here.


A Valentine’s Day Picnic

Ideas for a Romantic or Family Picnic this Valentines Day




I remember my husband took me on a picnic for my birthday the first year we started dating. He surprised me by showing up at my job dressed up in a suit (he was a grad student at the time, so jeans were his normal attire).  He told me he would be my personal butler that day. He had premade sandwiches and snacks prepared and we had lunch on the lawn in front of my office. It was so romantic and one that I will remember always. In fact, he proposed to me during a romantic picnic. So it is safe to say that we love picnics.  We haven’t had a picnic in a long time and I have never prepared one for him so I think I will this Valentine’s Day (I  live in Texas and the high temp should be 68 degrees).  If you are in cold weather, you can do this inside on your living room floor. Here are some ideas I had to make it special.

P.S. I will not let my husband read this until after this weekend.

You will need a picnic basket.  You can buy one pre-made like this one from One Kings Lane

Or make your own. Here is a simple list of items you can buy from your local resale shop, fabric store and dollar store.


1. Picnic basket-You can find a variety of baskets at the craft store and resale shops for less than $10. Etsy also has some vintage picnic baskets. Here are some that I found today.



2. Fabric in any print that you like. You can use the fabric to cover the basket, as a tablecloth or as a blanket.

3. Utensils/Plates- Utensils can be plastic, stainless steel, or silver (if you want to be really fancy ;)) Dollar Tree has some stainless steel utensils for $1.  Plates can be china or plastic ware. Tie some ribbon around the plates and utensils to make an impression.

4. Flowers

5. Food-Cheese, veggies and fruit are a staple but if you want to make it really special then try some of these recipes;

Avocado Ham Sandwiches

Reuben Wraps

And a family friendly one- Peanut Butter and Jelly Wraps

6. Linen napkins wrapped in ribbon or string or a printed paper napkin works as well.

7. Beverages and don’t forget the wine glasses or cups. Dollar Tree has these for $1 as well.

Enjoy your day whether it’s with your loved one, friends or family.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

DIY Beginner’s Tool Kit Essentials

new-home-ownersHave you just moved into a new home, apartment or condo? Are you lost as to what tools you will need? Are you going to a housewarming party and have no idea what to give as a gift? Well this list is just for you.

I have composed a list of items that I believe any person who wants to decorate their home will need. I recently visited a friend in their new place and they were severely lacking in the tool kit department. I starting thinking of all the essentials they would need and I decided to compose this list.  Now there are many more items that could be on this list but I wanted to keep it simple for the newbies. I hope this helps you.

Tool kit essentials

Chair Makeover

chair makeover title

I purchased this preloved Cane-back barrel chair from Craigslist. I think I paid $15 for it.  It is in excellent condition but I believe it was the previous owners’ cat bed.


Needless to say I had to completely strip the material and cushion from the chair.  I had another chair that will be updated at some point and it’s cushion was in perfect condition. So I used that cushion and altered it to fit my chair that I was working on. If I didn’t have this free one on hand I would have used a coupon from JoAnn Fabric or Hobby Lobby. They always have coupons online or through their phone apps.

I purchased this fabric on sale at JoAnn Fabric. Did you know that you can use the same coupon on two separate transactions?  Also they will accept competitor coupons that you can use in addition to their coupons. 

Here are the steps to the transformation


1. Remove the existing materials-

I used a flathead screwdriver to pry the staples from the chair. I used pliers to pull the stubborn ones that broke halfway. Try and save the thin fabric that covers the hardware underneath the chair. It is usually grey or black.


Examine the existing cushion and batting condition- Is it peeling, dusty, moldy etc? Then you should Replace it! If it is slightly discolored then that is ok. As long as it is not a health hazard, we can save it. If you need to buy a new cushion, measure your seat (LxW and down the front and right and left sides -where the back of your knees will touch). You will need to buy High Density Foam in 2″ or 3″ thickness and enough batting to cover your foam.  As I mentioned earlier this was used by a cat, so I discarded the cushion and batting then shopped in my garage for more. I cut it to size using sharp scissors to fit my chair.

2. Paint your chair-

I used spray paint because I found it was faster and easier to use with the cane weaving.  (One of the best spray paints for furniture is Krylon. You can quickly make second coats and it sticks very well.) Let the paint dry for 1 hour before moving on to step 3.


To save my hands I use this spray grip for my paint can. Here is one similar that you can buy.


3. Seal the Finish-

Apply a wipe-on Polyurethane with a clean white rag or staining sponge and rub the polyurethane into your furniture like you would with furniture polish. You want a thin but even coat. Wait another 2 hours or overnight to let the sealant dry.


4. Add your cushion and your batting-

IMG_5972I have enough overlap for the (behind the knee) area. I also overlapped the cushion on the right and left sides.

5. Now reupholster-

Load your gun with plenty of staples before you start. Cut your fabric to the shape of your chair. Be very careful around the legs because you want to make sure you have plenty fabric to tuck in these tight areas. Pull the fabric taut and staple very well all around and underneath to secure it properly.


Mrs. Santa Claus Pillow from Recycled Sweater


Recycled sweater into this adorable pillow

1. Take your sweater and cut two equal squares the size of your pillow form.  If you are using fiberfill, you can choose the size of your pillow.

20131207-090154.jpgHere is my old sweater poncho thing.

2. Place the front square for your pillow right side up on a flat surface. Then place the back square right side down on top of the first piece. The two front sides will be facing each other. Pin the sides together.

3. Now stitch with a stitch width of 4″ on your sewing machine or you can hand stitch.  Stitch all the way around but leave a 5″ opening on one side.

4. After you have sewn all sides except your 5″ opening, trim your corners and now turn your pillow outside in.

5. Insert your pillow form or fiberfill.

6. Now you are ready to stitch your 5″ opening. Now add a bow. You can hand sew, glue or pin like I did. I want to use this pillow after Christmas so I wanted a temporary embellishment.

Hope this was fun for you to make. If you made one, please tell me about it in the comments section below. You can also ask me a question about this post.
Merry Christmas to you!


Fringed Tree Skirt Tutorial

tree skirt

Start with a fleece blanket (one that has a fringe already will cut down on time).

I found this blanket at my local thrift store for $4. Fabric stores will have fleece by the yard and superstores should have blankets on sale this time of year. 


Fold it in quarters. Use a ruler or tape measure to make marks that are 24″ from the folded corner to create the arc. Cut the along the arc line.arconblanket

Now cut the folded corner arc about 2-3″ to create the hole for the tree base.


Unfold then make one cut down the middle to open up your skirt.



Stitch the fringe that you cut from the blanket to the edge of your tree skirt.

FOR THE “NO SEW” version- You can skip making a seam and glue the fringe directly to your skirt.  You will want to have made clean cuts so you will have a nice edge.


If you run out of the pre-made fringe you will have to make your own to match the existing fringe.

step 3

Add the “bling” with a hot glue gun or fabric glue.

I got this multi pack for $3 at a fabric/craft store.


Now place your skirt under your tree.

This should not cost you more than $10 to make. And that’s what I call “Blinging on a Budget!”