Romantic V-Day Picnic Update

I wanted to update you on the picnic that I blogged about last week. It case you missed it, here is the post.

My husband felt so special and loved. It was one of the best times we have had outside of the house in a while. Who knew what a sitter and budget friendly picnic could do. It was a surprise for him so I did not let him read my post until after the date. We had some hiccups along the way because the locations I had initially mapped out were inaccessible but he was so understanding about it. We put our heads together and found the perfect spot.  I forgot some key items in my picnic basket but we made the best of it. It was a blessing to our marriage to sit outside (it was beautiful by the way, 72 degrees and no humidity) and talk to my husband without distractions. We did not have a child to look after, a waiter or other diners to be mindful of-just us and nature. There were other people at the park too but they kept their distance. One older lady told my husband that “what we were doing was very nice to see”. That let us know that other people were blessed by our expression of love.

I found my picnic basket, wine glasses, and plates at a local resale shop all for under $10. I bought some ribbon from a craft store and I had the linens already. Shortly after I got married, my grandfather gave me some household items that he and my grandmother (who passed away 9 years ago) had stored away.  The gingham tablecloth and napkins were included in those items.  This made the picnic even more special having those items from my grandmother to make the day even more memorable.

We had sun, a cool breeze, trees, water and animals to add to the ambiance.  We both love nature and we both needed some quiet time with each other.  What do you and your love like to do for romantic dates? My advice is to be creative and think outside the box. The best dates are the ones that you put a lot of thought into. It shows your spouse how much you love them and are willing to go the extra mile to make them happy.

Here are some photos from our day.