Whimsical Gender Neutral Nursery

This is officially my first blog. Well, here it goes!

I decided to share my son’s nursery from my first house. This was the first nursery for the Pearson household. It all started with a vision of a mural that I had. I did not know the gender so I wanted something colorful but gender neutral. I decided to incorporate animals and shapes in contrasting colors to help increase my baby’s vision development.

Taken from this article on Parents.com

Young children only really detect bold, primary colors; they probably discern reds and greens best, followed by blues and yellows,” says Lise Eliot, PhD, author of What’s Going On in There? How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life. That’s one good reason to deck out the nursery and choose infant toys in primary colors rather than pale pastels.

We chose blue as the primary color because my husband and I both loved blue. We felt it was also a soothing color so it was the perfect backdrop for the mural. I also wanted the mural to be whimsical and fun with winding branches, colorful leaves, shapes and animals.

The nursery was budget friendly. We purchased the changing table, side table, bookshelves, and books at garage sales and resale shops. The chandelier was taken from my dining room and given a new look with some paint, drum shades, and ribbon. The mural was very economical to paint. I used mostly sample paint and quarts of paint. The mural costs me about $30. That’s what you would pay for a decal these days and that is usually one tree and one animal. My advice is to Have fun and let your imagination run wild.



Here’s a fun video from True Value about the consequences of choosing the wrong color for your nursery.

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