A Valentine’s Day Picnic

Ideas for a Romantic or Family Picnic this Valentines Day




I remember my husband took me on a picnic for my birthday the first year we started dating. He surprised me by showing up at my job dressed up in a suit (he was a grad student at the time, so jeans were his normal attire).  He told me he would be my personal butler that day. He had premade sandwiches and snacks prepared and we had lunch on the lawn in front of my office. It was so romantic and one that I will remember always. In fact, he proposed to me during a romantic picnic. So it is safe to say that we love picnics.  We haven’t had a picnic in a long time and I have never prepared one for him so I think I will this Valentine’s Day (I  live in Texas and the high temp should be 68 degrees).  If you are in cold weather, you can do this inside on your living room floor. Here are some ideas I had to make it special.

P.S. I will not let my husband read this until after this weekend.

You will need a picnic basket.  You can buy one pre-made like this one from One Kings Lane

Or make your own. Here is a simple list of items you can buy from your local resale shop, fabric store and dollar store.


1. Picnic basket-You can find a variety of baskets at the craft store and resale shops for less than $10. Etsy also has some vintage picnic baskets. Here are some that I found today.



2. Fabric in any print that you like. You can use the fabric to cover the basket, as a tablecloth or as a blanket.

3. Utensils/Plates- Utensils can be plastic, stainless steel, or silver (if you want to be really fancy ;)) Dollar Tree has some stainless steel utensils for $1.  Plates can be china or plastic ware. Tie some ribbon around the plates and utensils to make an impression.

4. Flowers

5. Food-Cheese, veggies and fruit are a staple but if you want to make it really special then try some of these recipes;

Avocado Ham Sandwiches

Reuben Wraps

And a family friendly one- Peanut Butter and Jelly Wraps

6. Linen napkins wrapped in ribbon or string or a printed paper napkin works as well.

7. Beverages and don’t forget the wine glasses or cups. Dollar Tree has these for $1 as well.

Enjoy your day whether it’s with your loved one, friends or family.

Happy Valentine’s Day!